Choice News

Choice News

Virginia-based anti-choice group American Life League has banded together with PersonhoodFL to try and get a fetal personhood amendment onto next year’s Florida ballot:

An anti-choice activist was shot and killed in Michigan today.  Police have connected the shooting with another homicide in the area, but the motive was unclear.  RH Reality Check notes that they deplore the use of violence of any kind:

Bill Berkowitz profiles two men behind a new movement to get young people involved in anti-choice activism:

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, explains that federal funds will not be used for abortion under health care reform and reiterates the need for women’s health to be included in reform efforts:,0,7041465.story

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) says he will vote against the health care reform bill unless he is allowed to propose an explicit amendment banning federal dollars from going to abortion. Rep. Stupak seems to have seized on false, anti-choice claims that federal money would subsidize abortion under the plan:

Politico points out that abortion funding will likely be the sticking point for health care reform, even though the only coverage for abortion care would come from member premiums and would remain separate from federal funds:

The LA Times speaks with a number of anti-choice activists, all of whom seem to believe that health care reform will include government funding for abortion despite the Capps amendment prohibiting federal money from paying for abortion services:,0,1329178,full.story

Lon Newman, president of the Wisconsin Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, writes that comprehensive sex education programs may finally be federally funded now that there is a Democratic congressional majority:


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