Choice News

Choice News

King County Executive Kurt Triplett proposed the new King County budget yesterday including wide cuts across Human Services and Public Health. Both candidates, Susan Hutchison and Dow Constantine, said they would cut more from the King County Executive office and less from public services.

NARAL Pro-Choice Washington endorsed King County Executive candidate Dow Constantine says he is committed to protecting family planning services in King County and is the pro-choice candidate running in the race. Listen to Constantine on KUOW this morning where he discusses choice and other key issues.

Conservative King County Executive candidate Susan Hutchison outlines her budget priorities and a vague guide on what she would cut to reduce spending.

Under Kurt Triplett’s proposed budget, health and human services would see a 37 percent cut with potential for even more defunding. These cuts could decimate basic health services and have serious implications, especially for mid to lower income communities.

Anti-choice Congress members are seeking to block anyone who might receive federal insurance subsidies to help them buy health coverage from using the money on plans that cover abortion. They have garnered support from anti-choice Democrats and analysts are saying it is too close to tell whether this effort will succeed.

A vote is expected this afternoon on Senator John D. Rockefeller IV’s amendment that proposes a public option called the Community Choice Health Plan. There has been much controversy over the public option both between Republicans and Democrats and within the Democratic Party as well.

Linda Feldmann of The Christian Science Monitor states that women have a higher stake in health care reform because they interact with the system more frequently than men.

Religious leaders have jumped on the “green” bandwagon but refuse to acknowledge that funding and increasing contraception access could be an extremely effective method to combat environmental damage.

In an effort to steer clear of controversy, Google has declared it will no longer accept ads for abortion services in fifteen countries.

Georgia student Ginny McNulty observes how ending federal funding of abstinence-only sex education has had little effect on the curriculum in many schools and shares her own struggles in trying to launch education campaigns with her peers.

David P. Gushee in an opinion piece for USA Today writes that Roe v. Wade mobilized religious leaders to demonize their opponents and he calls for an end to this tactic and a search for common ground and respectful debate.

A survey in Australia shows that shyness over discussing contraception prevents some partners from practicing safe sex.

China celebrated World Contraception Day for the first time this Saturday amidst alarming statistics of teen pregnancy rates, unprotected sex and meager sex education.

Though the public perception is that most teens are knowledgeable about sex education, a study of Singaporean teens shows that ignorance about contraception and safe sex methods is still widespread in the country.


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