Choice News

Choice News – Wednesday, September 30th

Both King County Executive candidates, conservative Susan Hutchison and NARAL endorsed Dow Constantine, met with the Seattle Times editorial board for an endorsement interview. To watch the interview, click here.

Lindsey Palmer of Redbook overviews the lack of maternity care in the U.S. compared to other countries.

On Tuesday, the Senate Finance Committee rejected inclusion of a public option under health care reform, but proponents say the fight is not yet over.

Both Senator Hatch’s amendment to reinstate funding for abstinence-only sex education and Senator Baucus’ counter amendment to fund comprehensive sex education that still includes abstinence, passed in the Finance Committee. Lawmakers will have to reconcile the amendments.

Jodi Jacobs of RH Reality Check explores the hypocrisy of rejecting big government insurance coverage but approving big government abstinence-only-until marriage sex education programs, an amendment that would add a cost of $50 million to the health care reform package.

The Senate Finance Committee voted today to reject an amendment proposed by Senator Orrin Hatch that called for a tightening of language surrounding abortion in health care reform. The amendment not only offended some senators but also provoked much frustration amongst others and forced Senator Max Baucus to repeat that under the proposed plan, no federal funds are used for abortion.

Dana Goldstein writes at American Prospect that the White House has signaled an unwillingness to get involved in the debate over abortion insurance coverage in health care reform.

The Secular Coalition of America is working to defeat three amendments to Senator Baucus’ health care bill that they say force American taxpayers to subsidize fellow citizens’ religious beliefs.

According to a poll released on Thursday by SurveyUSA, 77% of Americans are in favor of having a “choice” between government run health care coverage or private insurance.

A new report by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation shows that without health care reform, the increasing cost of the uninsured will fall to states.

 Anti-choice demonstrators appear to be reforming their strategy from top-down messaging to a more localized activism approach. Wendy Norris of RH Reality Check speaks with an organizer of the “40 days for life” prayer vigil about her beliefs.

Milwaukee lawmakers will introduce the Healthy Youth Act, legislation that strengthens current sex education law and ensures that the curriculum is based on information proven to reduce STIs and unintended teenage pregnancy.

A judge in Phoenix ruled to block new legislation in Arizona that requires women seeking abortion to first have a consultation with a doctor. The judge allowed a law that mandates a 24-hour waiting period to take effect.

 New legislation in Ohio, called the “Ohio Prevention First Act,” would require all insurance companies to cover birth control if they cover other prescriptions, helping to curb unintended teen pregnancies and increase access to contraception.

In the Philippines, abortion remains illegal and women can face up to six years in prison for having an abortion. A study by the Guttmacher Institute shows that this ban has lead to thousands of unsafe and self-administered abortions.


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