Choice News

Choice News – October 1st, 2009

The proposed King County budget might have serious ramifications for public health services and the county is looking at other revenues to sustain service programs.

An editorial for the Seattle Times comments on the irony that conservative King County Executive candidate Susan Hutchison wants to be involved in politics but failed to vote in eight elections since 2001.

Jessica Arons of RH Reality Check explains coverage of abortion under health care reform and clarifies key misconceptions.

Senator Orrin Hatch says he will fight “tooth and nail” to pass his amendment that attempts to strengthen language on abortion in health care reform. Other members of the Finance Committee say the language is simply not needed because federal law already prohibits taxpayer dollars from being used for abortions.

After much deliberation and criticism, Senator Max Baucus’ proposed health care bill still survives and he believes there will be enough votes to pass it through the Senate Finance Committee by early next week.

An editorial in the New York Times says critics of health care reform do not want government to come between a patient and their doctor but many are in favor of doing just that when it comes to one legal and medically valid service: abortion.

Syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman writes that it isn’t merely a question of reproductive health being represented in health care reform; it is a question of gender equality and giving women’s health the same attention as everyone’s health care.

 Slate columnist William Saletan says the issue with the debate on abortion in health care reform is not only the difference of opinion on choice but also the fundamental argument over health care reform itself.

A new emergency contraceptive pill, ellaOne was launched in the UK. It differs from Plan B because it can be taken up to five days after unprotected sex.

 The man charged with killing an abortion protestor in Michigan has been deemed incompetent to stand trial and is being committed to receive psychiatric treatment.

Wendy Norris of RH Reality Check exposes that up to $200 million is being spent on reproductive health care provided by amateurs at faith-based crisis pregnancy centers each year.

In light of the increased violence around anti-choice protests, a Chicago City Council committee voted to create an eight foot “bubble” around those seeking abortion services and any attempt to breach that “bubble” would be treated as a violation of First Amendment rights.

A pro-choice group challenges a new Oklahoma bill that requires detailed reporting on abortion procedures.

The maternal mortality rate in Bolivia is one of the highest in Latin America and the government is looking at an intercultural reproductive health approach as a new strategy, increasing the dialogue between both western and traditional treatment.


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