Choice News

Choice News – Thursday, Oct. 8th, 2009

Dominic Holden of the Stranger outlines why electing Robert Rosecrantz to the City Council would be “a nightmare”.  NARAL Pro-Choice Washington’s Alissa Haslam is quoted.

The Senate Finance Committee received a hopeful Congressional Budget Office estimate on their proposed health care bill, which might enable it to pass. The bill does not include a public option but there is speculation that some form of a public option will emerge as the Finance Committee’s health care plan is merged with existing health care plans. Timothy Noah from Slate explores what that might look like.

The Congressional Budget Office’s projected estimate for the Finance Committee’s health care bill shows that the bill will not raise the deficit. The Finance Committee is expected to vote next Tuesday.

There is hope that health care reform will improve care for women in three main areas: gender-based pricing, preventative care and access for low-income patients.

As the House prepares for floor debate on its health reform bill, Speaker Nancy Pelosi praised the legislation’s benefits for women at a Capitol Hill rally.

Inconsistent state regulations allow insurers to deny coverage for domestic abuse survivors.

A new female condom, the FC2 has hit US markets; it is thinner and costs about 30% less than the original FC.

Jill Alliman of RH Reality Check takes a look at the often forgotten reproductive rights, the rights surrounding childbirth.

New York State suffers from a lack of comprehensive sex education but many parents falsely believe their children are already receiving a mandated, informative curriculum at their schools.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Center has won an $11.5 million grant to explore cervical cancer research, prevention, and treatment.

October is the Sex Education Month of Action and with Senator’s Hatch’s newly passed amendment reinstating federal funding for abstinence only sex education, there is much work to be done.

A report published in the Trends in Ecology and Evolution journal contends that women who take the birth control pill are less likely to mate with “macho men” and the pill may affect their “attractiveness”. Amie Newman of RH Reality Check is highly skeptical.

Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post discusses the explosively controversial “tweet” by a woman that declared, “I’m in a board meeting. Having a miscarriage. Thank goodness, because there’s a f—– -up 3-week hoop-jump to have an abortion in Wisconsin.”

In Scotland, a new sex education curriculum will begin at age four, teaching children about anatomy and ends years later with classes on HIV and STI prevention information.

In South Korea, societal pressures often force unwed women to choose between abortion and adoption. Abortion, though illegal in South Korea, is widespread and often encouraged by the government and family members.

The criminalization of abortion in South Africa and many other countries around the world has led to many dangerous abortion procedures or even self-induced procedures. This illegality of abortion is not preventing it, and instead leads to many deaths related to unsafe conditions.

Family planning in Indonesia is suffering due to a lack of funding and has put the country at risk for an unprecedented population explosion.

Tim Eyman shows up at a teacher’s press conference and talks about how his Initiative 1033 will affect education. Click here to watch the video.

The Slog released a long list of organizations opposed to Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1033.


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