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Choice News…better late than never

Due to technical difficulties, Choice News did not publish yesterday.  Sorry for the delay!

NARAL Pro-Choice Washington has launched banner ads on newspaper websites that expose King County executive candidate Susan Hutchison as anti-choice.  Publicola, the Seattle Times and the report on our campaign.

Valerie Tarico outlines the ways that Susan Hutchison’s conservative views are similar to those of Sarah Palin.

Publicola’s Erica C. Barnett published a fact check on some of Susan Hutchison’s recent statements.  Among other things, Barnett points out that at an environmental forum, Hutchison claimed that she has never given money to the BIAW, when in fact she has contributed $1,000 to ChangePAC, the political arm of the BIAW.  The BIAW is a conservative group that has made misogynistic statements about Governor Gregoire and tried to get her opponent, Dino Rossi, elected in 2008.

The Senate Finance Committee voted 14-9 yesterday to approve Sen. Baucus’ health care bill.  Now lawmakers are preparing for battles over health care on the floors of both chambers.

Republican Senators plan to reintroduce amendments restricting abortion access during floor debate.

The Seattle Times editorializes in support of a public option in the final health care reform package.

A Guttmacher Institute report finds that half of all abortions performed worldwide are unsafe.  Many developing countries have restrictive abortion laws, which do not prevent women from seeking abortions but do result in illegal and dangerous procedures.  The report estimated that 70,000 women are killed annually from unsafe abortions and 8 million women suffer complications because of them

The New York Times editorial board condemns the common practice of shackling female inmates while they give birth, calling such measures barbaric.

Anti-choice activists are working on state-level campaigns to institute “choose life” license plates.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed and vetoed several bills relating to reproductive health.  He signed a measure to prevent health insurance companies from charging women more then men, and he vetoed a bill that would have established greater oversight for fertility clinics that offer in vitro fertilization as well as a bill that would have required health insurers to cover maternity services

The Seattle Times profiles the two anti-gay rights activists behind the effort to repeal Washington’s newly expanded domestic partnership rights.


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