Choice News

Choice News – Tuesday, Oct. 20th

Publicola officially endorses pro-choice candidate Dow Constantine for King County Executive stating that he is a proud progressive.

Three letters to the editor express deep confusion and outrage over the Seattle Times’ endorsement of Susan Hutchison and one suggests that reading the endorsement statement actually makes a case for Dow Constantine as the more experienced and qualified candidate. blogger Goldy posts this new ad, funded by progressive groups, that exposes Hutchison as a conservative.

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has temporarily blocked Washington state officials from releasing the names of people who signed the petition to get Referendum 71 on the ballot, while he considers the appeal from the anti-gay rights group, Protect Marriage Washington.

The Seattle Times clearly explains that a vote to approve Referendum 71 protects domestic partnership rights, to avoid any confusion amongst voters.

Julie Menin of the Huffington Post argues that women will hurt most if health care reform fails, especially because insurers in most states are still permitted to consider gender when determining health care rates.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops says they won’t stop fighting health care reform until abortion is specifically and totally excluded from health care reform and health care reform networks.

Susan Cohen of RH Reality Check responds to anti-choice criticisms of the Guttmacher Institute’s worldwide study that found increased use of contraceptives contributed to a decline in unintended pregnancies and abortions.

Latest figures show that the condom has caught up to the pill as the most popular contraceptive, most likely because it protects against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Wendy Norris of RH Reality Check says the media is ignoring women’s health disparities in the recently released Shriver Report that touts vast advances for women in the workplace and a significant decrease in gender discrimination.

The founders of speak out in an interview about their pro-choice activism and experiences defending women’s rights.

The ACLU of Arizona continues to fight against a sheriff who reportedly charges inmates $300-600 for transportation to an abortion clinic. The ACLU contends that this price constitutes an unnecessary obstacle to the procedure.

The cervical cancer vaccine Cervarix gained approval in Japan, becoming the first cervical cancer vaccine to gain approval by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.


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