Choice News

Choice News

NARAL Pro-Choice America launched a television ad targeting Rep. Bart Stupak, the sponsor of the abortion coverage ban in the House health care bill.  The ad is running in Stupak’s district and in other targeted areas.

Anti-choice Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska introduced his amendment banning abortion coverage today.  It is expected to be voted on tomorrow.  The Washington Post reports that the amendment is unlikely to garner the 60 votes needed for passage.  However, Nelson has threatened to oppose final passage of the Senate bill if it does not include his amendment.

The New York Times editorial board argues that the dispute and close vote over Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s health care amendment calling for increased access to women’s preventative care “does not bode well for reform efforts.”

The New York Times looks at the embattled abortion provider Dr. LeRoy Carhart.  The radical anti-choice group Operation Rescue is targeting his Nebraska clinic.

According to a report by the U.N. and the Guttmacher Institute, if investment in family planning and pregnancy care was doubled, maternal death rates could be cut by 70% and newborn death rates could be cut by nearly half in developing countries.

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon signed the bill requiring crisis pregnancy centers in the city to post signs that they do not provide birth control or abortion referrals into law.

The Anchorage Daily News editorializes against the proposed personhood initiative, calling the measure to grant an embryo the same rights as a legal “person” a “legal quagmire.”

Politico looks at how Sarah Palin has transformed herself from an anti-choice politician to the leading figure of the anti-choice movement.


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