Choice News

Choice News

Staunch anti-choice Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska has announced that he is not satisfied with a proposed compromise on abortion coverage in the health care reform bill.  Nelson was behind the tabled Nelson-Hatch amendment, also known as the ban on abortion coverage, and is now the only holdout on the health care bill in the Democratic caucus.

The New York Times reports on the influence Sen. Nelson has had over health care legislation in the Senate.

NBC News looks at Majority Leader Harry Reid’s timeline and game plan as he works to get a final vote on the health care reform bill on Christmas Eve.  So far, Sen. Reid has not gotten a cost estimate from the Congressional Budget Office, the bill is not yet completely written, and he has not locked down all 60 members of his caucus.  On top of that, Senate Republicans are determined to use every stall tactic at their disposal.

Former DNC Chair Howard Dean, echoing concerns of some on the left, is calling for the defeat of the Senate health care bill.  Dean says the bill will benefit the insurance industry.

The New York Times reports that the Department of Homeland Security has improperly collected information on U.S. citizens, including groups that support and oppose the right to choose.


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