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Choice News

Note: Choice News will not publish Thursday, December 24 through Friday, January 1 and will return on Monday, January 4.

State Rep. Brendan Williams has an opinion piece on the in which he laments several aspects of health care reform, including the Nelson compromise and the anticipated lack of health insurance companies that will cover abortion care.

In an op-ed on PubliCola, State Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown discusses her support for the overall U.S. Senate health care bill.  She addresses the abortion restrictions, and argues that the Nelson compromise will not impact women’s access to abortion in Washington state.

Boston Globe columnist Derrick Jackson writes that the Nelson compromise and the abortion coverage negotiations are “the latest example of how a male majority on Capitol Hill continues to control women, directly or indirectly.”

The LA Times editorial board points out that the Senate health care bill “would open a new front in the legislative fight over abortion, allowing states to pass laws barring insurers from including abortion coverage in policies for individuals and small businesses.”

Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson accuses Sen. Ben Nelson of using his anti-choice beliefs as a bargaining chip to secure a permanent exemption from Nebraska’s share of Medicaid expansion.

The AP reports that the Democrats’ intraparty divisions on abortion coverage may be an insurmountable obstacle to putting together a final health care bill.

Anti-choice Rep. Bart Stupak warns that his fellow anti-choice House members may oppose the Senate health care bill.

Writing on the Huffington Post, women’s rights advocate Marie Wilson argues that the conservatives who worked against the failed 1971 Comprehensive Childhood Development Act and the anti-choice politicians who inserted language into the health care legislation restricting access to abortion care share a fear of women deviating from traditional gender roles.

The Washington Post editorial board urges the Senate to confirm President Obama’s executive and judicial appointments, including the nomination of Dawn Johnsen to head the Office of Legal Counsel.  Johnsen’s nomination has come under fire from conservatives because she has previously worked for NARAL Pro-Choice America.

The U.S. Army general who added pregnancy to the list of offenses worthy of a court-martial seems to be backing away from that position.


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