Choice News

Choice News

President Obama released his new health care plan today, which includes the Senate-approved restrictions on federal funding for abortions.

Columnist E.J. Dionne explores the high stakes of President Obama’s health care summit scheduled for Thursday.

The Oklahoma County District Court ruled on Friday that an anti-choice law passed in 2009 is unconstitutional. The law created a website whereby any woman who had an abortion was required to provide personal details pertaining to her choice, including her relationships, financial situation and motivation for seeking an abortion.

Jacquielynn Floyd, columnist for the Dallas Morning News, questions the effectiveness of abstinence-only sex education in Texas, noting that the state has consistently had among the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country. 

A new study in Iowa has found that restoring family planning services in states’ budgets could save millions of dollars. The study calculated that each tax dollar invested in programs and clinics that help women prevent unintended pregnancies can save more than $17 over a five-year period.

A new bill introduced in the Florida legislature would make most abortions illegal with a penalty of up to life in prison for doctors who perform them.

RH Reality Check’s Roundup features a summary of states’ anti-choice laws that have been passed in an attempt to get a challenge to the Supreme Court.

An op-ed in the Washington Post discusses the lack of equality for women in the United States that still exists, citing specifically that while abortion is legal, more than 85% of counties do not have a provider.

Maame-Mensima Horne contributes an article to the series appearing on RH Reality Check, written by reproductive justice advocates responding to recent efforts by the anti-choice movement to use racial and ethnic myths to limit women’s rights and health.

Pro-choice State Rep. Deb Wallace (D-Vancouver) announced that she will not run for the vacant House seat in Washington’s 3rd Congressional district. In her announcement, she said, “We cannot let the 3rd congressional seat go to an anti-choice, anti-health-care Republican. We must come together and support a Democrat who will keep the people at the heart of their mission to serve.”


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