Choice News

Choice News

Health Care and Abortion Coverage

NPR discusses the importance of abortion in the health care reform debate.

Anti-choice Rep. Bart Stupak is calling for tougher language on federal funding for abortion, falsely claiming that the Senate bill does not include enough restrictions. RH Reality Check details the numerous restrictions on reproductive health care in the Senate bill. 

The Nation also reports that President Obama’s healthcare proposal adopts language on abortion from the Senate health reform bill that requires insurers to segregate public and private premiums and use only private money to pay for abortion services, but Rep. Bart Stupak is still claiming that the legislation allows public funding of abortion.

Dr. Bernadine Healy questions why the increasing cost of health care has not played more of a central role in the health care debate, noting that Americans now spend more on health care each year than on food.

In a speech today, President Obama said that the time for negotiations has ended and urged Congress to move forward with passing health care reform, specifically citing the need to immediately address the increasing cost of health care.


California has taken an enlightened approach with programs including abstinence, counseling, contraceptives, and state-funded abortion care. It has paid off with record low teen-birth rates (the opposite of national trends), but has come at a cost as the state has refused federal funds for years that insisted on abstinence-only sex education.

The Portland Mercury reports on anti-choice proposed state laws in Oklahoma and West Virginia that would require or encourage women to view an ultrasound before having an abortion.

Governor Rick Perry won the Republican primary yesterday in Texas on an anti-choice platform. 

RH Reality Check summarizes radical proposed anti-choice laws from Mississippi to Utah. 

Controversial Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders, who attended an anti-choice rally in Olympia soon after his first election, is seeking another term on the state’s highest court.

Other Noteworthy News

Donald Hertz of Washington, who previously asked for a trial on allegations that he threatened the life of Colorado abortion provider Dr. Warren Hern and his family, is asking for a hearing to enter a plea.

Angie Jackson is facing death threats for posting the details of her abortion on Twitter and YouTube to “demystify” the procedure.

The Los Angeles Times disputes the racial conspiracy being put forth by anti-choice activists in Georgia. The article points out that while the abortion rate is higher for African American women, it is because they also have a disproportionate number of unplanned pregnancies due to an enduring problem with complex socioeconomic roots, including inadequate insurance coverage.

The National Organization for Women’s New York chapter called for embattled Gov. David Paterson’s resignation Tuesday after a report alleging that he asked two staff members to call a woman who accused a Governor’s aide of assault, saying that it was innapropriate for the Governor to have contact with an alleged victim of violence.


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