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Coverage of our Youth Leadership Summit…from an unlikely source

On February 27th, we here at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington hosted our annual “I Heart Choice” Youth Leadership Summit at the University of Washington, and it was a huge success! The Summit was a day-long event featuring speakers, panels, and workshops on a variety of issues related to youth and the pro-choice movement.  It was an excellent opportunity for youth to learn valuable information and gain practical leadership skills.

The event was so popular this year that we even had an anti-choice young woman, Terra Mork, attend and write about the event in her blog, Terra Mork Writes. Naturally, she focused her post on a highlight of the day, the fabulous presentation by Dr. Deb Oyer, Medical Director and owner of Aurora Medical Services, and tireless advocate for reproductive justice. Aurora Medical Services has been providing access to family planning and abortion since 1985, and Dr. Oyer focused her presentation at the Summit on the mythology and facts about what really happens in abortion clinics. She provided a first-hand overview of how abortions are performed to break through the misperceptions, and downright lies, that we all hear about abortion.

Terra provided fairly accurate details from Dr. Oyer’s presentation, and then included her own commentary. We want to thank Terra for covering the event, and helping us raise more awareness around the real story of abortions. As they say, all press is good press! We realize the critical need to expand knowledge and de-stigmatize abortion so that access to safe and affordable family planning and abortion is available everywhere!  At NARAL Pro-Choice Washington we believe that the right to free speech is a fundamental value of our country.  While we clearly differ in our views, we are all entitled to our free speech.

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One thought on “Coverage of our Youth Leadership Summit…from an unlikely source

  1. I did my best to accurately report what I saw and heard. I would encourage all of you to check out my 3-part report about the event, and judge for yourself.

    Thank you.



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