Choice News

Choice News

St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Health Care and Abortion Coverage

Women’s eNews discusses the continued threat to abortion coverage as Congress introduces “fix-it” measures to pass health care reform.

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus asserts that there is little difference between the House and Senate abortion language in the health care reform bills, but that both would reduce women’s access to abortion.

Michelle Goldberg, writing for The American Prospect, talks about why it is important to support health care reform despite the fact that it could include setbacks for reproductive rights.

NPR’s health blog reports on the growing support for the Senate health care reform language on abortion.

Anti-choice lawmakers who were previously opposed to the Senate health care reform language have begun to show their support for the bill.

A key liberal vote for health care reform, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, has confirmed his support for the bill.


South Carolina legislators rejected a bill that would have banned coverage under the state health insurance program for abortions in the case of rape or incest.

Lawmakers in Kansas are drafting legislation that would put severe limits on abortions after 20 weeks after similiar legislation was vetoed and questioned as unconstitutional last year.

A Superior Court judge has ruled against Planned Parenthood of Alaska’s effort to block a voter initiative that would create a requirement that doctors notify a parent if a girl under 18 seeks abortion care.

An Illinois Court is reviewing the state’s law requiring parental notification in order for a minor to have an abortion.

Other Noteworthy News

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution provides commentary on the recent anti-choice claim in Georgia that abortions are racially motivated.


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