Choice News

Choice News

Health Care and Abortion Coverage

The New York Times features an article about how health care reform will ban sex discrimination in health insurance coverage.

After some debate, the insurance industry has confirmed that they will not block efforts by President Obama to ensure that all children, regardless of pre-existing conditions, will have health insurance coverage.

RH Reality Check provides an overview of the pros and cons for reproductive health in the health care reform package.

Slate Magazine discusses the reasons that the suit against federal health care legislation by some state attorneys general is not likely to go very far.

University of Washington law professor and constitutional expert, Stewart Jay, confirms that Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna’s suit against health care reform has no merit.

Today, President Obama signed the budget reconciliation bill, which included the final revisions to the health care reform law.

Writing for the Huffington post, Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, points out the hypocrisy of anti-choice lawmakers opposing health care reform because of their belief that the government should not interfere with private medical decisions.


Washington’s Basic Health Plan, which has been state-funded for 20 years, will likely receive new federal funding under the health care reform law.

The Oklahoma state House passed three anti-choice bills yesterday that would put several new restrictions on access to abortion care. The bills have already been passed by the state Senate.

An Illinois judge lifted a temporary restraining order that has barred the state’s parental notification law from going into effect, but then prevented state officials from enforcing the law pending an appeal. The law would require doctors to notify a parent or guardian when a girl 17 or younger seeks an abortion.

The Archdiocese of Baltimore filed suit against the city, claiming that a law requiring “pregnancy counseling centers” to post signs stating that they do not provide referral for abortion or birth control violates freedom of speech and religion. However, the law is a matter of public health and allows women to make more informed decisions on where to seek care.

Other Noteworthy News

A new study has found that states with the highest mortality rate from cervical cancer also have among the lowest rates of vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV), the virus that causes cervical cancer.


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