Power of Choice Luncheon

Drum Roll Please…2010 Power of Choice Award Recipients


Erica Barnett, News Editor, Publicola

Catherine Minch, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington Volunteer

NARAL Pro-Choice Washington is proud to announce our

2010 Power of Choice Award Recipients.

Erica became the News Editor at Publicola in June of 2009. Most recently, she was News Editor for the Stranger, and prior to that she worked for several publications, including:  Seattle Weekly, Austin Chronicle, Texas Observer, Dallas Observer, and Kirkus Reviews. In 2007, she was honored with a Civic Award from the Municipal League of King County for the year’s best government affairs reporting.

Erica has also been an amazing advocate for reproductive justice in the media. Last December, she reported on the Senate health care reform language that “throws women’s health care under the bus.” She also covered the murder of late-term abortion provider, Dr. George Tiller, for the Stranger, saying that “there is no common ground—not when “common ground” is code for ceding women’s rights to calm a storm we didn’t create.” We are very excited to present the Power of Choice Award to such a devoted advocate!

Catherine has been a volunteer at NARAL since 2001.   Since then, she has gone above and beyond the call of duty!  She is a founding member of our Eastside Choice Action  Team, which began in 2003, and continues to serve as its leader. This group organizes and advocates for choice in their  community. Under Catherine’s leadership, they had a big victory when they convinced Evergreen to allow its pharmacists to participate in the Emergency Contraception (EC) training program.

Catherine joined our Political Action Committee (PAC) in 2006, which interviews candidates and makes endorsement recommendations. From her experience at NARAL, Catherine has also become a volunteer trainer who empowers new activists for reproductive justice in our state. She is an integral part of the NARAL team, and it is with heartfelt enthusiasm that we extend the Power of Choice Award to her!

Join us for the 2010 Power of Choice Luncheon as we honor these amazing women!

~ Save That Date! ~

Featuring Keynote Speaker Maria Hinojosa

NARAL Pro-Choice Washington PAC

2010 Power of Choice Luncheon

Monday, May 24

Noon – 1:30pm

Seattle Sheraton

Buy your tickets here!


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