Choice News

Choice News

Health Care and Abortion Coverage

The Wonk Room reports on anti-choice state legislatures that are rushing to take advantage of the provision in the federal health care reform that gives states the option of banning private insurers from providing abortion coverage to women within the new insurance exchange.


The Washington state Senate has proposed new taxes, including a new tax on beer and candy along with a lower one-tenth-of-a-penny sales tax increase, to help close the $2.8 billion budget deficit. Lawmakers continue to negotiate a final budget in special session.

Oklahoma’s Democratic Governor Brad Henry has signed into law three anti-choice laws that will take effect immediately.

Planned Parenthood is appealing a state court decision on an Alaska initiative that, if passed, would require parental notification for minors seeking abortion care. Planned Parenhood claims that some petition signatures should be invalid because language describing the initiative was misleading.

Other News of Note

The birth rate for teens age 15 to 19 decreased 2% from 2007 to 2008, reversing previous trends. The good news has elicited mixed opinions on what caused the decline, and whether it will continue.

Writing for the Huffington Post, Julie Burkhart provides a memorial of Dr. George Tiller, the late-term abortion provider who was murdered in Kansas last May.

A Texas man faces charges after he filed documents in federal court threatening to use deadly force to stop an abortion if the U.S. Supreme Court didn’t immediately act to outlaw the practice.


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