Choice News

Choice News

Health Care Reform

A Selah, WA man has been arrested for calling in death threats to Sen. Patty Murray for her vote in support of health care reform.


A Wisconsin prosecutor is threatening to arrest teachers who follow the state’s new law requiring comprehensive sex education.

The Nevada Supreme Court heard arguments on a proposed fetal personhood ballot measure.  Anti-choice activists are trying to get a measure asking voters to define fetuses as legal persons on the November ballot.  The ACLU is challenging the measure, arguing that voters would not know that by amending the Nevada Constitution to define “personhood” as beginning at conception it would let anti-choice activists advance efforts to ban abortion, restrict common forms of birth control and affect end-of-life questions.


Newsweek reports that the IUD is becoming a more popular birth control option for younger women.  Prior to 2005, it was only FDA-approved for women who had already gone through childbirth.

An opinion piece in the American Prospect argues that while the birth control pill has increased reproductive choice, it is has not alleviated anxiety over if and when to procreate.

Citing a study conducted by NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri that found that only about half of Missouri hospitals have written policies that require rape victims who report to the ER to be counseled about emergency contraception (also known as Plan B or the morning-after pill), the St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board urges support for a bill that would require all rape victims to be counseled about emergency contraception and for emergency departments to keep the medication on hand.

Other News of Note

The Vatican, under heavy criticism over reports that the Pope helped cover up priest sex abuses cases, has accused the media of waging a “hate campaign” targeting the Catholic Church for its opposition to abortion and gay rights.

The economy has been cited as a reason that the U.S. birth rate dropped in 2008, marking the first annual decline since 2000.


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