Choice News

Choice News

Supreme Court Watch

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is meeting with members of the Senate in advance of her confirmation hearing.

Politico reports on additional memos drafted by Elena Kagan during the Clinton administration, including one in 1998 in which she advised President Clinton not to try to expand Medicare coverage of abortion to include cases where the health of the woman is in danger, in part to avoid a fight with Republicans.

RH Reality Check’s Jodi Jacobson is disappointed that Kagan’s career in the Clinton White House appears to be marked by political pragmatism when it came to women’s rights.

Liberal Democratic senators are trying to reassure progressives that Solicitor General Kagan is a “Democrat’s Democrat.”

Gov. Chris Gregoire is on President Obama’s short list to replace Elena Kagan as Solicitor General, assuming Kagan is confirmed for the Supreme Court.

Gov. Gregoire says she has no plans to leave office for Washington, DC.


One of Tim Eyman’s initiatives, which would repeal the just-approved tax increases on candy, soda, bottled water and beer, is ready for signatures.  He has several other anti-tax initiatives filed that are currently being challenged in court.

An Oklahoma bill requiring a woman seeking an abortion to provide marital status, reasons for ending the pregnancy, whether she is currently receiving public assistance and whether the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest is headed to the governor’s desk.


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