Choice News

Choice News

Supreme Court Watch

President Obama’s advisors say he has no doubt that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is a legal progressive who will maintain the current balance of the court if confirmed to replace the retiring liberal Justice John Paul Stevens. However, with the constitutional right to an abortion hanging in the balance, Kagan’s record is giving pause to both sides.


The AP reports that anti-choice legislators and activists are taking advantage of the provision of the federal health care reform law that permits state legislatures to prohibit all insurance coverage for abortion care in the new insurance exchanges.  Arizona and Tennessee have already passed laws banning abortion coverage in the exchanges; in Florida, Mississippi and Missouri, lawmakers have passed similar bans that await their governors’ signatures.  Overall, 29 states legislatures have expressed interest in banning abortion coverage in the exchanges.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist is leaning strongly toward vetoing an anti-choice bill that would require women to get an ultrasound before receiving abortion care.

Other News of Note

RH Reality Check provides context and commentary on new Gallup poll results that showed a drop in support for legal abortion among young people.

New York Times writer Laura Holson notes that unmarried, successful women in their 40s and 50s, like Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, still need to “explain” why they are single.


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