Choice News

Choice News

Supreme Court Watch

Womens E-news reports on how the midterm elections could potentially affect the confirmation process for nominee Elena Kagan.

Elections 2010

A signature drive began yesterday to get Initiative 1098, the high earners income tax, on the November ballot. It would be the first tax reform measure to be on the ballot in 40 years.


RH Reality Check provides more commentary on the anti-choice bill passed by the Louisiana state Legislature on Tuesday to mandate an ultrasound for all women before they can receive abortion care.

Pro-choice advocates in Kansas are urging Governor Mark Parkinson to veto an anti-choice bill that would prevent the state from paying Planned Parenthood to provide services to low-income residents. Gov. Parkinson vetoed a similar bill last year.

Other News of Note

A controversial new television advertisement will begin airing next week in the UK, and is designed to provide women with information on abortion and other related services.

New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Nicholas Kristof writes about the negative effects from the unavailability of birth control in many poor countries.

RH Reality Check reports on the negative impact that the new immigration law in Arizona is having on women and their children.


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