Choice News

Choice News

Tonight NARAL Pro-Choice Washington and our pro-choice allies are holding a vigil at Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park to honor and remember Dr. George Tiller, who was murdered by an anti-choice extremist one year ago.’s Joel Connelly has a post on the details.


Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, currently running for Senate as an Independent, is considering vetoing legislation that would require women to have an ultrasound before having an abortion.  However, the issue has the potential to be a “political landmine” for his Senate campaign.

The Oklahoma legislature failed to override a veto of a bill that would have banned health insurance coverage for abortion care.  However, seven other anti-choice bills were passed into law this year, including the strictest ultrasound requirement in the country and a law that protects doctors who withhold information about a pregnancy that they think might cause women to decide to have an abortion.

Other News of Note

A CDC study found an increase in the percentage of teenage girls who report using the rhythm method for birth control, which may help explain the uptick in teen pregnancy rates in recent years.

ABC’s “World News” reports on the excommunication of a Catholic nun who approved a woman’s life-saving abortion.

The Nation’s Katha Pollitt responds to an LA Times op-ed that argues that the pro-choice movement needs a conceptual makeover.


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