Choice News

Choice News

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RH Reality Check looks at the Washington Board of Pharmacy’s recent decision to re-open the rule-making process on rules that were passed unanimously in 2007 that protect patients’ right to access needed medications, like emergency contraception, at the pharmacy counter.  NARAL Pro-Choice Washington executive director Lauren Simonds says, “These rules were put into place to protect the patients of Washington because we all have a right to have our prescriptions filled.”

Gov. Chris Gregoire is considering calling a special session of the legislature to deal with the budget if the federal government doesn’t come through with $480 million in Medicaid matching money by August 9.

Access to Birth Control

MSNBC and Kaiser Health News report that women’s health advocates are pushing for the inclusion of free birth control in health plans as health care reform is implemented.

2010 Elections

Anti-choice Senate candidate Dino Rossi says he would support a repeal of the federal health care reform law.  Additionally, the National Republican Senatorial Committee announced that they have reserved air time to buy ads in Washington in the final days of the election.

Politico reports that anti-choice political groups like the Susan B. Anthony List are targeting sitting anti-choice Democrats in Congress who voted for the federal health care reform law, which anti-choice politicians and activists incorrectly argue allows for tax-payer funded abortion care.

The Boston Globe reports that the anti-choice activists behind Colorado’s fetal personhood ballot measure have announced their grassroots strategy for the campaign.  A nearly identical measure was defeated by Colorado voters in 2008 by almost 73%.

Supreme Court Watch

New York Times writer Adam Liptak provides an analysis of the Supreme Court that shows the Roberts Court is the most conservative court in decades.


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