Choice News

Choice News

2010 Elections

This week’s Stranger cover story urges voters to elect NARAL Pro-Choice Washington-endorsed Stan Rumbaugh to replace conservative Washington Supreme Court Justice Jim Johnson.  Because there are only two candidates in this race it will be decided in the Primary.


This morning the U.S. Senate approved a preliminary vote on Sen. Patty Murray’s amendment to get an additional $16.1 billion in federal Medicaid money to the states, averting the need for a special session.

Contraception Access

Kirsten Moore, of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project, and Aimée Thorne-Thompson, of the Pro-Choice Public Education Project, have a post on RH Reality Check advocating for over the counter sales of the birth control pill.

CNN reports that predictions vary as to whether a new campaign to encourage women to use to the female condom will be successful.

Other News of Note

The Wall Street Journal reports that states are grappling with the issue of providing social security benefits to children conceived after the death of a parent from embryos or sperm stored previously.

New York Times columnist David Leonhardt notes that in spite of gains in gender equality in the workplace, the labor market remains unequal for mothers.

Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority has officially rejected more than 1,000 complaints about a commercial by reproductive healthcare provider Marie Stopes, and will allow the ad to run nationwide.


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