Choice News

Choice News

2010 Elections

An analysis by the Governor’s budget office finds that I-1098, the high-earners’ income tax initiative, would generate $11.6 billion in revenue for the state over 5 years.

The Washington Independent reports on the efforts of anti-choice groups like the Susan B. Anthony List to defeat anti-choice Democrats who supported the health care reform bill in the midterm elections.

Contraception Access

Silvia Henriquez, executive director of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, writes on Huffington Post about “the financial, regulatory and social barriers that stop many Latinas from accessing the birth control they seek.”

Abortion Access

A study by Human Rights Watch finds that Argentina is backtracking on reproductive rights.  Abortion is prohibited in the country, and unsafe, illegal abortions are common; women even struggle to obtain birth control.

Other News of Note

Boston Herald columnist Margery Eagan writes that “the United States has the stingiest maternity leave almost anywhere in the world.”


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