Choice News

Choice News

Contraception Access

The FDA has approved a new emergency contraceptive, marketed under the brand name ella, that is effective for up to 5 days after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure.  Ella will be available by prescription only.  This decision marks an ideological shift at the FDA under the Obama administration; the FDA under Bush repeatedly delayed approval to make Plan B emergency contraception available without a prescription.

2010 Elections

Goldy of Horsesass notes Senate candidate Dino Rossi’s slide towards an even more extreme anti-choice position.  Rossi opposes the right to choose, and now says he only “maybe” supports an exception in cases of rape or incest, or when the life of the woman is in danger.

Abortion Access

In response to complaints from the anti-choice group Students for Life of America, the University of North Carolina will allow students to opt-out of abortion coverage in school-sponsored health insurance plans.

Maternal Health

The Washington Post reports that fertility treatments, particularly for older women, are common in India, where giving birth to many children defines a woman’s worth and is considered the best path to financial security.  There are no government regulations for in vitro fertilization clinics in India.

Other News of Note

A study by University of California at Davis sociologist Bill McCarthy and University of Minnesota sociologist Eric Grodsky finds that teens who are sexually active and in committed relationships do just as well in school as abstinent teens.  Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams comments that the study’s findings suggest that “plenty of people manage to embark on their sexual lives during their teens without any life-ruining consequences.”


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