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Let’s Shut Their Whole Thing Down

By Tiffany Hankins

Wow. New website look for NARAL Pro-Choice Washington but same old-fashioned arguments against reproductive rights in the U.S. Two steps forward, one step back, right?

So we all know we started the week off with this crazy-sauce theory of the rapist sperm force fields every woman’s body possesses.

Then the entire debacle spun into a back-peddling and taking of sides reminiscent of a terrible divorce. The Republican party is reeling and it’s not just because a hurricane is headed towards the Florida coast (except not really headed for Tampa anymore. And for the record, I don’t think the hurricane jokes were cute but I’m from the gulf coast so I’m biased or a humorless feminist, your pick.)

But aside from Hurricane Akin, this awesome piece by Ipas’s Anu Kumar highlights just how backward the framing of the debate around reproductive rights has become in this nation. The anti-choice laws being introduced and passed are counter to the international health community’s policies and standards. So until next week I will leave you with this awesome graphic from Planned Parenthood of Indiana:



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