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The Truth About LSPCs

Limited service pregnancy centers (LSPCs) also known as “crisis pregnancy centers” are a national problem. They add another barrier to women’s access to legitimate healthcare.  To get more involved with our work in Washington state check out the Limited Service Pregnancy Center Narrative Project.

Below are some links to personal experiences with LSPCs.

I love comic books and cartoons which is why I am so excited to share, “What Every Woman Should Know,” by Susie Cagel.  Cagel did research by visiting First Resort, a Limited Service Pregnancy Center in San Francisco.  She mixes first person narrative and facts about LSPCs.  What really works about this piece is that she really illustrates how LSPCs act as a hurdle to reproductive services rather than just an inconvenience.

Stranger writers Cienna Madrid and unpaid intern Megan Burbank went undercover to research LSPCs in Washington.  One of my favorite quotes from the article is: “In times of personal crisis, it’s hard to critically challenge where “facts” are coming from—especially if the person presenting them is kind and matronly and she hugs you and fetches apple juice.”

Our colleagues over at NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia created a video:

As did NARAL Pro-Choice New York

We need to make sure that community members are aware of the harmful practice of LSPCs so please re-post the information.


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