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“It easily could have been any one of you”

As Sandra Fluke said to the audience at the Democratic National Convention on September 5th, “it easily could have been any one of you” standing at the podium recounting how she spoke out for coverage of contraception. And she’s right. Any one of us, who speaks up for her-, his-, or hirself could have been Sandra Fluke that day. And for that matter, the issue didn’t have to be birth control, it could have been a gay retired veteran wanting his partner to have equal benefits or a woman who believes her insurance to cover an abortion, even in emergencies.

The point is, all people want is to be respected and treated equally. And that, my fellow constituent, is why I’m not voting for the Republican candidate this November. He will not fight for legislation that creates avenues for access or that cultivates respect for people outside this heternormative, healthy, privileged, wealthy, upper-class image that Romney must believe the people he represents fit into.

The purpose of elected officials is to represent what the people want, and when 98 percent of over half the people will use birth control during their lives—98 percent of the population that will be affected by this issue—birth control coverage and legality should not be up for debate. They should be covered and legal. Period.  Thank you, Sandra Fluke, for saying what many of us also say and think, every day.

Read the full text of her interview here.


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