Chris Brown Gets Tattoo of Battered Rhianna? Is this Real?

Chris Brown, seen kissing Rhianna last week at the VMAs, has added a new tattoo to his collection: a battered woman’s face on his neck. A woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to Rhianna—though sources at TMZ deny that the tat is of Rhianna, that it’s just “some random woman.”

Whether or not this is a tattoo of a mangled Rhianna, the fact of the matter is that Chris Brown got a tattoo of a battered woman, on his neck. This is a man who has a history of unapologetically beating up women. It’s like he’s proud of it…and maybe he is? Maybe he thinks that the world already thinks about that every time they see him, so why not tattoo it on his neck? But we can’t know. He hasn’t released a statement about it, and there’s nothing on his website.

Is it a Day of the Dead Skull? It’s not very convincing if it is. And, if that was his choice, bad move. Way to permanently connect yourself to domestic violence and encourage people to immediately think of you as a batterer. I certainly will not support him, his music, or his lifestyle. I hope you don’t either. This image is offensive, appalling, and triggering.


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