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NARAL Liberty Ball Auction & Masquerade: A Success!

Photo from PubliCola

This past weekend, NARAL Prochoice Washington put on its Annual Liberty Ball Auction, and it was radiant! It was full of fabulous people, including:  Dr. Deborah Oyer, The Swedish Housewife, numerous public officials and candidates, including former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, King County Executive Dow Constantine, State Senator Adam Kline, and Congressional Candidate Suzan DelBene—not to mention the amazing NARAL staff and volunteers!

For the months and weeks leading up to the event, the NARAL staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to ready themselves, auction items, guests, speakers, and all the aspects of putting an event together. I even helped to find this year’s speaker, Robin Gray-Reed! She had an amazing speech that cast a light on the manipulative, shameful, and ill-informed practices of limited service pregnancy centers.

Photo from All That Glitters

I helped to run the games, specifically the wine toss—similar to the carnival game where you pay for a few chances to get a plastic ring around a soda bottle, except people actually won this game! There were hundreds of other games and auction items, ranging from international vacations to funding for a first-term abortion for a woman in need, a date with Dr. Snip, and diamond necklace.

All the proceeds from the event goes to help NARAL continue its vital work protecting a woman’s right to choose.


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