House Party in the Couve!

I love social workers. Let’s just start there.

Our supporters in Vancouver, WA recently got together over wine and snacks to celebrate their pro-choice elected officials and donate to NARAL Pro-Choice Washington’s work to elect more of them.

It soon became clear to me that the majority in attendance were either current or retired social workers. One guest while signing in told me the story of a pro-choice activist who would confront the protesting allies.

She would nicely say that she had been looking forward to talking with them. She said that they seemed like they would make wonderful parents and that there were currently several difficult to place children in the child services system that need adopting. The woman who told me this story was happy to see the fallacy of adoption as the answer to being anti-abortion exposed.

For these social workers saying you are “pro-life” but failing to support the safety net for these children’s lives post-birth made the opposition’s position offensively hypocritical.

I want to thank these pro-choice supporters who have worked every day to be truly “pro-life” and “pro-choice” so that women and children can live healthy and fulfilling lives.


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