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Phone banking and canvassing FTW!

The leaves are changing colors, the air smells just a bit crisper, and there is this underlying excitement in the streets, in our office, on the interwebs . . . ‘cause elections are less than a month away!  Things are crazy.  But seeing so many volunteers knocking on doors and making phone calls makes my heart do a happy dance.

On Saturday we went doorbelling for Maureen Judge, running for state senate in the 41st legislative district. The next day we drove over to Issaquah to go door-to-door for Mark Mullet running for state senate in the 5th legislative district.  Doorbelling is probably one of my favorite activities of all time.  It is a little bit like trick-or-treating but for grownups.  Instead of getting candy you get someone who says that they will vote for the candidate that you are working hard to get elected.  Sometimes you get candy too.

Yesterday, our office was filled with folks making phone calls for Representative Jeannie Darneille including many volunteers from  the Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund, the sister organization to the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance.  Jeannie Darneille is running for state senate in the 27th legislative district.  Not only is she a pro-choice champion, but her campaign sign is purple!  My favorite color.  We will be doorbelling for Jeannie this Saturday October 13th.

Anyway, I have to go: call some more volunteers, work on some more blog articles, and then head over to our Pro-Choice Champion Night for Jay Inslee.

2 thoughts on “Phone banking and canvassing FTW!

  1. Actually the housing volunteers came from the Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund – the housing and homelessness community’s political arm. It was great to see housing voters and choice voters working together to elect someone as terrific as Jeannie Darneille!


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