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Five more days until election day and over here at NARAL the coffee is flowing and the phone lines are all busy. Because we are crazy activist types, when we take a break from election work, we read articles about reproductive rights and elections. Here’s what we’ve been reading:

Check this out!  The Modern War on Women, complete with graphics, statistics, and ways to take action.

“These debates assume a mid-20th century characteristic; one where men believe that speaking for women meant women’s interests were adequately represented” from Black Women’s Response to the War on Women.  

Hey Paul Ryan, I noticed that back in August you condemned Congressman Todd Akin for his comments on “illegitimate rape” so, um, good for you?  But I find co-sponsoring 16 anti-abortion bills with that same person frightening.  More on, Ryan who has more in common with Akin than you think.  If reading that left you with an “ick” feeling go check out Joss Whedon’s endorsement of Romney and the zombie apocalypse.
Yes, Virginia (and Ohio and Florida and Connecticut), there IS a Gender Gap and it could benefit pro-choice candidates.

How I Lost Faith in the “Pro-Life” Movement has been popping up on a lot of reproductive rights blogs.  I recommend checking out the original article yourself.  It was written by a former student president of Student’s for Life and how she realized that the “Pro-Life” movement has a lot more to do with controlling women’s bodies than saving babies.  Libby Anne, the author, actually reminds me of a fair amount of people I have met (including NARAL members) who are personally anti-abortion but would never want to restrict abortion access.

Over in Texas, the state-funded Texas Women’s Health Program (WHP) is being launched without abortion “affiliate” Planned Parenthood.  Oh wait! No, it’s not. Texas Will Continue to Fund Planned Parenthood, For Now which sounds ominous.  Governor Rick Perry wants to run the WHP without having to give funds to Planned Parenthood, and will SHUT DOWN the WHP if courts force the state to include funding to Planned Parenthood.  Also, check out how cutting Planned Parenthood’s funding will affect Medicaid patients.

Good news!  Another Personhood Amendment is struck down; in fact it didn’t even make it onto the ballot. Thanks Oklahoma Supreme Court for re-affirming that fertilized eggs are not people.  

Washington, Maine, Maryland, and Minnesota all have same-sex marriage on the ballot.  This could be a year for huge victories in marriage equality!  Personally I think the fact that we have to vote on the right to marriage is rather crazy.  However, it was exciting to color in the little “Approve” oval for Referendum 74 on the ballot.


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