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Cyber Monday for Feminists (Cyber Feminism?)

Cyber Monday for Feminists!

I wish I had an entire compilation of excellent cyber feminists works for everyone to read. That would be need.  Instead here’s some of what we read over the break:

This article about how never to have your period again (actually it’s more about what your options are…)  by Valerie Tarico in which she consults one of our *Shero’s* Deb Oyer.

Also, this video of John McCain in which he says that guys like him (the kind that can’t get pregnant) need to lay off the attacks on abortion. He does make it seem like it’s just not a good time to talk about but, hey, at least someone from in GOP leadership is calling the party out on their outrageousness.

When Melinda Gates talks I listen which is why I read this article even though the whole read I was like “Oh, Mel, you are preaching to the choir. We are just so much alike in our committment to contraceptive access, I guess!”

Also, throwing in a little online activism to round out the weekend: Sign here to tell congress that military women deserve coverage for abortion services.


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