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A virtual ribbon cutting… for Reproductive Health and Rights Lobby Day registration

Riboon Cutting LeslieYou’ve heard the rumors. You’ve seen the signs of the times. OK, I don’t know why I’m being so dramatic, but in my world this is a huge deal: Reproductive Health and Rights Lobby Day is coming up!
When our registration page went live I felt just like Leslie cutting the ribbon on April’s computer when the pit gets a Facebook profile.
But a little more about lobby day… For us citizens of the state of Washington who care deeply about stuff it can feel like a long shot to personally sway our elected and appointed officials on these issues. But picture this: tons of people who care deeply show up -en masse! on the same day! in person!! at the capitol! Can you picture it? Because our legislators can. They know how hard it is to take time out of your day to come talk to them at the capitol. Why wouldn’t you just send an e-mail? It’s so much easier. Well, they know that it’s much easier and so they are impressed that you would take the effort to tell them what you think in person.
Sign up so you can get in on the pre-lobby day trainings!


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