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Montana debates restrictive parental notification bill: House Bill 391 would raise the age requiring parental consent for abortion from 16 to 18.  Most teenagers already involve their parents in the decision to have an abortion.  Those who don’t often fear for their safety if they seek abortion—especially in cases of incest.  This bill would harm young women, since some women who are denied legal abortion seek out illegal abortion.  [Missoulian]

Oklahoma also passing parental notification bills: Two bills passed by the House would require parental consent before a woman under 18 could get an abortion.  One of those bills would eliminate a judicial bypass altogether, leaving no legal recourse for teenagers who fear repercussions from their parents if they seek abortion.  [San Francisco Chronicle]

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo lifts restrictions on late term abortions: Cuomo is advocating a change in a law that only allows late-term abortions when the woman’s life is in danger to say that a woman can get an abortion after 24 weeks if her health is in danger or the fetus is not viable.  This change would bring the law in line with federal court rulings. The law would be in effect even if Roe v. Wade were overturned.  [New York Times]

Arkansas legislature might pass extremely restrictive abortion bill: The proposed “heartbeat” bill would likely ban all abortions after 12 weeks, the earliest ban in the country.  Even if the Democratic Governor Mike Beebe vetoed the law, a majority in the legislature could overturn his veto.  [Think Progress]

Affordable Care Act allows states to restrict abortions: Under the Affordable Care Act, states must set up “exchanges” to allow uninsured people to buy health insurance.  States can set rules for these exchanges.  17 states have laws prohibiting insurance companies that take part in the exchange from covering abortion.  In addition, 8 states put restrictions on when private insurance companies can cover abortion: usually, only when the mother’s life or health is in danger.  [NBC]



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