This Week in Pro-Choice News

Brought to you by Lauren Kuhlik

Arkansas governor vetoes alarming 12-week abortion ban: The legislature, which is—prepare for a big shock—overwhelmingly Republican, passed two restrictive bills that would have banned most abortions after 12 weeks in the case of one bill and 20 in the case of the other if a fetal heartbeat were detected.  Governor Mike Beebe vetoed both bills, but the 20-week ban came into effect after the veto was overridden by a simple majority in the House.  The Republicans are rallying to try to override the veto on the 12-week ban.  [Wall Street Journal]


Indiana Republicans want to put things in your vagina in order to shame you into not getting an abortion: The Indiana House passed a bill that requires physicians to administer an ultrasound before prescribing abortion-inducing pills.  Because the drugs are generally taken in early pregnancy, before abdominal ultrasounds are effective, opponents of the bill believe that transvaginal ultrasounds will be required.  [IPM]


naral roosters Utah State Senator loves cock-fighting, hates women’s health: With a logic that could only be described as surreal, Republican Allen Christensen opposed a bill making cock-fighting a felony because, he argued, fight is the “purpose for which they [roosters] were raised” (maybe he is a vegetarian) and because abortion is still legal. [Salt Lake Tribune]



Alaska restricts definition of “medical necessity” for abortions: In Alaska, abortion can be covered by Medicaid if it is deemed “medically necessary.”  The new definition would only allow abortions to be covered if they presented a serious risk to the health of the pregnant women.  Women’s health advocates worry that the new law would push women to seek out dangerous illegal abortions.  [Anchorage Daily News]



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