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This Week in Pro-Choice News

Brought to you by Lauren Kuhlik

Arkansas doubles down in effort to be least woman-friendly state: Last week, the governor vetoed a ban on all abortions after 12 weeks. This week, the state legislature overturned the governor’s veto. Because the law is clearly unconstitutional, the Arkansas house and senate made one of two grand statements: either they believe that taking a stand against women’s rights is more important than actually passing laws, or they don’t understand how government works. [Policy Mic]

Federal judge strikes down Idaho 20-week abortion ban: Nine other states still ban abortions after 20 weeks, most without any exceptions at all. This is your friendly reminder not to have life-threatening medical complications during your pregnancy. [Policy Mic]

female condom naralMajor feminist blog decries birth control because it’s “just ew”: Tracie Egan Morrissey posted an article on Jezebel raging against female condoms. She argues that men should be solely responsible for contraceptives because women use contraception (non-barrier birth control methods) such as hormonal birth control and IUD’s, apparently not realizing that many women do not have access to such contraception, and that many might prefer to take responsibility for all of their sexual experiences. This method is particularly important in some other countries, where it is considered socially acceptable for a man to refuse to wear a condom. [Jezebel]

Republicans misunderstand meaning of word freedom: Arguing that the Affordable Care Act prevents companies from exercising their “religious freedom,” Republicans in the House and Senate attempt to roll back the provision that would guarantee women no-cost contraception. Without this provision, women’s health care would be more expensive than men’s, and there would be a rise in unintended pregnancies—and abortions. [Think Progress]

P.S. Lauren Kuhlik along with other constituents sat down with Senator Ed Murray last Saturday to talk about the Reproductive Parity Act. Senator Murray writes about it on the Senate Democrat’s Blog here:


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