Choice News, War on Women

This Week in Pro-Choice News

Antichoice San Franciscans may soon only be allowed to harass women seeking sexual health and abortion services from 25 feet or more: City Supervisor David Campos is attempting to enact legislation that would require a “buffer” of 25 feet around the entrances and exits of facilities that provide sexual health services.  He was motivated to act in part by protests that left women in tears in front of a Planned Parenthood, in which some protestors took videos of women entering or leaving the clinic.  Similar laws in other states have been upheld.  [San Francisco Chronicle]

popefrancisifeat Meet the new pope, same as the old regressive, antichoice pope: Although Pope Francis is more interested in actually caring for the sick and the poor than his predecessor, he still holds to the Catholic line about abortion and other social issues.  Many people have turned away from the Catholic Church, in part because of its attitude towards women and its rigidity about contraceptives and abortion.  [NBC]

North Dakota Republicans want to waste taxpayer money defending blatantly unconstitutional abortion laws: The bills, which ban abortions because of genetic defect and after a heartbeat can be detected—as early as six weeks into a pregnancy—will definitely be challenged and overturned in court at great cost to the state.  Even if Republican governor Jack Dalrymple vetoes the bills, the Republicans have enough votes in the House and Senate to override his veto.  So much for the party of economic restraint.  [Washington Times]

Let’s quantify how the defunding of Planned Parenthood hurts women: Texas managed to defund Planned Parenthood earlier this year, and we now have quantifiable evidence that women have suffered.  200,000 women in Texas no longer have access to basic health services, including birth control and cancer screenings.  There will also be an estimated 24,000 unplanned births in 2014 and 2015. I’m sure that the Republicans will step up and take care of all those unwanted children with welfare and other social programs.  [Think Progress]

Media really obsessed with how Steubenville boys’ lives are “ruined”: The mainstream media have focused on how promising the lives of two high school football players were before they were formally accused of rape.  There has been little focus on how the life of the victim might have been affected, or on how the boys themselves decided to ruin their own lives when they chose to be rapists.  In particularly horrifying news, Fox News released the name of the rape victim on air.  If you’re interested in reading more about the case, don’t go on twitter.  Doing so will result in a rage aneurysm.  [Raw Story]


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