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Morning after pill will soon be available to girls under the age of 17, at least in New York: A federal judge in New York City ordered that the FDA lift restrictions on the sale of one-pill versions of the morning after pill.  Currently, girls under 17 must get a prescription to buy the drug, but in 30 days they will be allowed to purchase it over the counter.  Scientists have long argued that there is no reason to restrict the sale to women over 17, and all the political hubbub about girls’ access to the pill has seemed to hide a desire to punish girls under a certain age for their sexual activity with pregnancy.  [New York Times]

republican legislative targetMy body is not a dirty word: Apparently, the scientific words for the parts of women’s reproductive system are naughty and should not be uttered to impressionable, um, high school students.  An Idaho teacher is in big trouble for using the word—get your smelling salts—“vagina” during an anatomy lesson in his 10th-grade science class.  The Idaho State Department of Education actually sent him a disciplinary letter, proving that political pressure and outraged parents are more powerful than facts, science, or basic human decency.  [Slate]

North Dakota’s lone abortion clinic will fight anti-choice laws: North Dakota’s anti-choice legislation, which severely limits women’s access to reproductive health care, will be implemented August 1st.  The clinic will likely get a temporary injunction, and a lawsuit that would overturn the laws will likely be effective.  If this clinic is forced to close, then women will have to drive 250 miles farther to get to the next abortion clinic.  [Reuters]

Indiana requires clinics that prescribe abortion-inducing drugs to meet same standards as surgical units: In an effort to prevent women from accessing this type of medication, the House is debating a bill that would prevent many current clinics from prescribing these drugs.  Original versions of the bill were even more restrictive.  Indiana may not be in the headlines as much as North Dakota, but these laws are dangerous and adversely affect women’s health.  [USA Today]

Kansas Republicans even more horrible than you could possibly imagine: A bill that would severely limit abortions has already passed in the House and is likely to pass in the Senate as well.  Republicans laughed off such absurd provisions as exceptions for rape and incest, and a guarantee not to prosecute women who use certain forms of birth control if a “personhood” amendment passes. [Think Progress]

Arkansas just wants to remind you that they believe that women are not equal: An Arkansas Senate committee, composed of 7 men and 1 woman, rejected a proposal to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (introduced in 1972).  Arkansas Republicans apparently want to prove that there is an ongoing war on women, and they’re on the wrong side of it.    [Politicus USA]




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