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Arkansas legislature would prefer that women not be able to access basic medical care: A bill that has been approved by the State senate, and is likely to get quick approval from the House, would prevent state money from going to any organization that performs abortions, refers women to organizations that perform abortions, or contracts with organizations that perform abortions.  Not only will Planned Parenthood get defunded, but rape crisis and domestic violence centers may also have to shut down.  Can these people really keep a straight face while calling themselves “pro-life”?  [Reuters]

sex-edCatholic Church prevents some schools from teaching sex ed in their classrooms: New York City has some great sex ed programs, and teen pregnancies rates have declined, likely as a result of sex ed and access to the morning after pill.  However, some school buildings are owned by the Catholic Church and the Church has prohibited sex ed from being taught in those buildings.  To get their legally required sexual education, students in those schools have to walk to another building, which can take 30 minutes round-trip.  Fewer students are enrolling in parochial schools, which teach abstinence-only sex ed of the kind that has led to seriously high teen pregnancy rates in other states.  [NY Daily News]

California junior high school lectures 12-year-old girls on how to prevent boys from being “distracted”: Female students at Kenilworth Junior High were required to go to a multipurpose room instead of class on Thursday.  They were then told that they could not longer wear tight pants, including yoga pants and leggings, to school because the pants were distracting boys.  The language used here might not even register as shocking to most of us because it’s so common, but we should remember that this justification for dress codes teaches young girls that they are responsible for boys’ emotions and sexuality.  It’s not hard to draw a line between telling girls that they have to dress a certain way for the purpose of not being “distracting” to boys and telling women that they have to dress a certain way for the purpose of not inciting men to sexual violence.  [KTVU via Feministing]

Virginia uses Affordable Care Act to prevent insurance companies from covering abortion: Under the Affordable Care Act, there will be a federal insurance “exchange” for people who cannot afford health insurance.  Virginia will prevent insurers who are participating in the exchange from covering abortion except in cases of rape, incest, and danger to the mother’s life.  If that isn’t nausea-inducing enough, Delegate Bob Marshall derided the bill for including the exceptions, implying that women who say that they have been victims of rape or incest are lying, and that pregnancy is never dangerous to women.  As a native Virginian, I’m very glad to see that we choose to elect gentlemen with absolutely no compassion and without even a rudimentary understanding of science.  [Kingstowne-Rosehill Patch]



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