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This Week in Pro-Choice News

Horrible Virginia Attorney General Candidate is horrible: Republican State Senator Mark Obenshain, and the Republicans’ pick for Attorney General, introduced a bill that would have required women to report miscarriages to the police.  The police??!? Women would have been treated as potential criminals for miscarrying, and could have been charged with a misdemeanor, and spend up to a year in jail and/or pay a $2500 fine, if they took more than 24 hours to report the miscarriage.  The good news is that the bill has since been withdrawn.  The bad news is that this guy might be Virginia’s next Attorney General.  [Think Progress]

Affordable Care Act is working: Evidence shows that the Affordable Care Act is effectively bringing down health care costs and encouraging people to get check-ups and treatment before medical problems turn into crises.  More and more people are seeing internists rather than specialists, which means that they are getting help earlier and more often.  Remember to keep up on your check-ups!  [American Medical News]

Arkansas can’t ban abortions after 12 weeks for now: A federal judge blocked Arkansas’s ban of all abortions after 12 weeks.  This should serve as a warning to other states that try to pass restrictive anti-choice laws.  At any rate, do you all enjoy the irony of Republicans wasting taxpayer money on blatantly unconstitutional laws as much as I do? [Politico]

Republican Representatives don’t understand how abortions, births, laws, separation of church and state, or statistics work: Arizona Congressman Trent Franks cited the Gosnell case when explaining the need for more restrictive abortion laws across the country.  For the last time, people, Gosnell is not pro-choice! Murdering babies is not abortion! If you idiots insist on passing anti-choice legislation, then illegal and unsanitary clinics like Gosnell’s will become the norm!   Another charmer, North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer, has argued that legalizing abortion led directly to the gun violence that has become prevalent in America.  Apparently, decline of belief in the Christian God and legalized abortion will bring about the downfall of American society.  The reality is that gun violence has actually decreased in America, perhaps in part due to the legalization of abortion.  Good job on the science and thanks for upholding the Constitution so well, Representative Cramer.  [Think Progress; Huffington Post; National Institute of Justice]


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