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This Week in Pro Choice News

This Week in Pro-Choice News

Morning after pills for everyone!: The Obama administration will now allow the sale of Plan B One-Step over the counter to all girls and women regardless of age.  Finally!!!  Now women and girls won’t be denied access to reproductive health care for political reasons ever again!  Man, I just can’t let you guys be happy for a minute.  Anyway, generic pills will still be kept behind the counter and only available to women 17 and older.  So Plan B can continue to charge more than the generic 2-pill formulations.  Capitalism, you guys! It’s the best. [Atlantic Wire]

Armed Service Committee drops sexual assault measure from military spending bill: We were all very excited last week when Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand introduced a measure into the bill that would have given trained prosecutors, not commanders, the power to decide which cases of sexual assault in the military to try.  Unfortunately, Senator Carl Levin dropped that measure this week.  Just to point out the obvious—it’s nice that this committee has some women on it now, and it’s nice that they actually are allowed to talk and express their opinions, but it is still ultimately men who choose what goes in these bills and whether these bills pass. This is why we need more women in the Senate.  [NY Times]

Apparently, closing Planned Parenthood clinics in Texas wasn’t enough: Texas women already have little access to abortion in Texas, especially after a decision earlier this year to defund Planned Parenthood, preventing women from getting cancer screenings and other health care in addition to abortions.  Now, Governor Rick Perry may require Texas legislators to discuss abortion during their special session.  Specifically, the congress may pass a bill that would require abortion clinics to adhere to unnecessarily strict requirements.  If this bill passes, 90% of abortion clinics in the state will close.  [San Francisco Chronicle]

cheese curdsHave you guys forgotten about Scott Walker? Well, he is still around and he is still awful: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker supports a measure that would require transvaginal ultrasounds before abortions and would make abortion clinic requirements more stringent.  If the bill passes, one of only four abortion clinics in the state would be forced to close.  Wisconsin, you have such tasty cheese curds! And such a lovely university!  Why do you also have to elect a rabid, misogynistic governor? [Think Progress]

House to vote on unconstitutional abortion bill because it’s not like Congress has other things to worry about: There is no chance that a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks will pass in the Senate, but the Republican-majority House will vote on it anyway.  The bill is likely to pass, but might damage some Republicans’ standing with their constituencies.  I kind of love it when Republican lawmakers blatantly waste taxpayer money on this stuff.  Keep chipping away at Americans’ faith in your ability to balance the budget and secure the economy, Republicans! [Roll Call]


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