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This Week in Pro-Choice News

104px-Doctors_stethoscope_2House passes bill banning abortions after 20 weeks: Really, you guys? This is what you’re spending your time doing right now? You can’t think of ANYTHING better to do? REALLY?? The bill is clearly unconstitutional and will not pass in the Senate.  Republican Congresswoman Kristi Noem said, “I’m not waging a war on anyone… I would hope that stopping atrocities against little babies is something we can all agree to put an end to.”  Is “I’m not waging a war on anyone” the new “I’m not racist, but…”? [NY Times]


Texas Congressman thinks that abortion is wrong because male fetuses masturbate: Former OB/GYN (not even joking, he seriously was a lady-part doctor!) Michael Burgess told Congress that he has seen male fetuses masturbate at 15 weeks.  He told us that we too can witness this miracle of life if we watch “a sonogram of a 15-week baby.”  Hey doctor, you don’t need a sonogram to look at a baby.  Or are you just using biologically inaccurate words in order to stir up emotional responses to a subject because you know that you’re in the wrong?  [Huffington Post]


Republicans really sad that women can access birth control without shame: Conservatives are all riled up because the Obama administration has dropped the age requirement for Plan B One-Step.  Now, anti-choicers are turning to the states.  They hope to create and pass legislation that would allow states to limit the sale of emergency contraception.  Conscience clauses in some states may allow pharmacies to refuse to carry or provide the morning-after pill.  [Think Progress]


The Ohio house is considering a ridiculously anti-choice bill: If the bill passes, abortion providers would be required to tell their patients that the fetus can feel pain and that abortion can lead to breast cancer.  Just to be very clear, there is no evidence that abortion leads to any increase in risk of breast cancer.  In addition, fetuses cannot feel pain until around 29 or 30 weeks after conception.  The bill would fine or even jail doctors who refused to lie to their patients.  This is depressing on so many levels that I can’t even snark about it.  [Cleveland Leader]


Cuomo’s progressive abortion bill does not pass in New York senate: The bill would have brought New York’s abortion laws in line with federal legislation by allowing abortions after 24 weeks if the health of the mother were at risk.  Abortion providers in New York are hesitant to perform such abortions now, even though they are constitutionally protected, because New York laws prohibit them.  The bill also would have protected New York women if Roe vs. Wade were ever overturned.  [Bloomberg Business Week]



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