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This Week in Pro-Choice News

Wendy Davis is my hero: State Senator Wendy Davis filibustered a dangerous anti-choice law for 11 hours in Texas last night during a special session.  State law prohibited her from sitting or leaning, taking a bathroom break, or getting off topic.  Republicans voted to pass the law, but 614px-Texas_flag_map.svgbecause the vote took place after midnight, it does not count.  The bill would have effectively closed almost all of the abortion clinics in Texas.  Governor Rick Perry might call another special session to get the bill passed, so keep your filibusterin’ shoes at the ready, Wendy.  [New York Times]

Unfortunately, Wendy Davis might not be in the Senate much longer: The Supreme Court struck down integral parts of the Voting Rights Act yesterday, because, um, the South is totally not racist anymore—did you guys see that we have a black president?? Anyway, Texas will redraw its voting districts and reinstate voter ID laws, thwarting minority voters who previously formed small but powerful voting blocs.  So Wendy Davis and other progressive candidates will find it harder to get reelected.  [Think Progress]

Crisis pregnancy centers are the absolute worst: I am shocked—SHOCKED—that these centers, which actively attempt to make themselves look “neutral” and “medical” when they are anything but, are providing misleading information to women about pregnancy, the morning-after pill, and abortion.  Katie Stack, pro-choice activist and general awesome person, went into a crisis pregnancy center and recorded her interaction there.  In the video, an employee tells Katie that the morning-after pill induces abortion and can cause severe hemorraghing and other damage.  These videos differ from right-wing videos attempting to undermine Planned Parenthood because Katie did not try to trick anyone—she simply went in seeking the same information that many young women seek from the centers. [Salon]

North Dakota’s only abortion clinic files suit against unconstitutional new law: Do you remember when North Dakota passed that horrible law that would have shut down its only remaining abortion provider, and also prohibited all abortions after 6 weeks?? Well, that law is about to come into effect August 1st, unless the suit filed by the abortion clinic and other activists is successful.  Based on previous similar suits, the law will likely be overturned.  I know I say this a lot, but I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that Republican Party claims to be the party of fiscal responsibility and then passes these blatantly unconstitutional laws that invite unnecessary and expensive litigation.  [Washington Post]


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