Good news! Federal judge is not having that terrible anti-choice Wisconsin law: The judge, William Conley, issued a temporary restraining order against the law, which would have required abortion providers to have admitting privileges at hospitals, effectively closing most of the state’s clinics, until there is a ruling on July 17th.  Wisconsin women are not yet in the clear, but it seems unlikely that the law will be fully implemented, since Judge Conley concluded that the state is unlikely to prove that requiring admitting privileges will help woman seeking abortions and therefore the law is likely unconstitutional. [Talking Points Memo]

Bad news! Texas: State troopers dragged a woman out of the Texas state legislature while she testified against the anti-choice bill that would severely limit abortion access for many Texas women, and outlaw abortion after 20 weeks.  Apparently the woman testifying was cut off for being rude by pointing out that Republican Senator Campbell, who has declared herself an expert on reproductive health, is an ophthalmologist.  Um, how dare she?  Apparently freedom of speech applies only to legislators who are insulting women and science, not to the actual women these laws would impact.  [Think Progress]

Good news! Rick Perry not going to run for re-election: Governor Rick Perry did lots of terrible things to women and the poor during his long tenure in Texas, including refusing the Medicaid expansion and calling TWO special sessions to pass an anti-choice bill.  Will he try to run for president again? Oh God, please let him be the Republican candidate against Hillary Clinton in 2016.  [New York Times]

Terrible news! California coerced female prisoners into getting sterilized: The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation paid doctors to sterilize nearly 150 female prisoners between 2006 and 2010, without approval from the state.  Doctors pressured pregnant women to have tubal ligations after giving birth,

Veave_in_jailinsulting them and hiding risk factors from them.  Gross OB-GYN James Heinrich pointed out that the tubal ligations probably saved the state welfare money as the prisoners “procreated more.”  My mouth is currently too full of bile to say anything witty.  [Sacramento Bee]


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