Posted by Social Media Intern Michelle Auster

The internet and social media have become increasingly important in spreading the word about feminist political action. Everything from memes and videos to small scale news sources can be used by pro-choice activists to reach a wider audience, and often display intimate and comedic opinions that are not always represented by more mainstream coverage. Here are a few videos on pro-choice and feminist concerns from people who are getting the attention they deserve.

Check out this woman, Sarah Slamen, speaking her mind in Texas. And the award for bravest activist of the moment goes to…


Enjoy this  catchy song performed by some angry grannies in response to Todd Akin’s now classic tag line: “legitimate rape.”


While Julia Gillard may not have been the most popular Prime Minister in Australia’s history, we can’t ignore her inspired rant labeling Tony Abbott as a misogynist.


In this short video, Tadele Smith satirically shows us how to do our makeup: with a light brush of feminism and a thick stroke of genius.


Lastly, this photo series put on by students at Cambridge University has some important, and largely personal things to say about why feminism matters. They began with the sentence, “I need feminism because…” and invited other students to fill in the rest. You can view a collection of some of the best responses here.


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