Texas Senate Bill Update, Unconstitutional Abortion Laws, & One Very Squicked-Out Ken Cuccinelli

Posted by Lauren Kuhlik

Try not to move your uteri to Texas if at all possible: So, that abortion bill that Wendy Davis filibustered last month, which would close all but five abortion clinics in the state of Texas and further restrict abortions, has passed in Texas’s special session.  But that’s not all! Now you can get seven 7 reproductive rights restrictions for the price of one.  Seven proposed laws would make it even more difficult for minors to obtain abortion without parental consent, prohibit Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers from providing sex ed, and limit access to the abortion pill.  On the other hand, some awesome Democrats have proposed a bill that would prevent abortion laws from taking effect unless Texas abolishes the death penalty.  Pro-life indeed.  [Mother Jones]

Texas abortion laws may not be upheld: Abortion rights supporters in Texas will fight the new laws. They point out that federal and state judges have issued temporary injunctions or overturned similar laws in other states.  Texas courts, however, have a track record of permitting restrictive abortion laws, such as a 2011 law that required women seeking abortions to view an ultrasound and listen to a fetal heartbeat, that other states have overturned.  Let’s just hope that a sane judge looks at these cases.  [NPR]

Please keep passing unconstitutional abortion laws.  It just shows the citizens how out of touch you are: State Judge Wickham Corwin ruled that a 2011 North Dakota law prohibiting one of two abortion pills is unconstitutional.  The state has spent over $50,000 defending the law, which severely limited women’s access to non-surgical abortion.  The more politicians keep pushing these laws, the more obvious it will be that they are unconstitutional, unethical, and unsupported by the American people.  Is this the hill you want to die on, Republicans? [ABC News]

Virginia, this is why I moved as far away from you as physically possible: Ol’ Dixie is struggling to make its way into the 20th century (not a typo).  Ken Cuccinelli, who is running for governor of my fair home state, wants to make sure that anyone who has engaged in icky, icky oral or anal sex is adequately punished.  In March, a Virginia court declared an anti-sodomy law unconstitutional.  Cuccinelli has been trying to get that decision appealed, despite the fact that the Supreme Court ruled in Lawrence v. Texas in 2003 that laws prohibiting sodomy are unconstitutional.  So I guess Cuccinelli is pushing to make Virginia a refuge for chastity fetishists.  I mean upstanding straight citizens.  [Washington Post]


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