Posted by Social Media Intern Michelle Auster

Can someone check to see if hell has frozen over? Because it looks like Cosmopolitan Magazine has more to offer than their bedside astrologer. As it turns out, Cosmo is reporting openly, and liberally, on matters circling reproductive rights, and is a great deal more knowledgeable on sexual health than the politicians they highlight in this article.

We spotted this Todd Akin take-down on Cosmo‘s website, of all places.

We seem to be endlessly barraged with right-wing politicians’ misguided ideas about rape, abortion laws, and general sexual health — how does it feel, Todd Akin, to know that even Cosmo knows “legitimate rape” is not a real thing? Sometimes, it’s comical just how incorrect Akin and company’s statements are. It seems that Cosmo has already done the work for us in collecting some gems of quotes made by these politicians regarding women’s rights, and you can view the hilarity here. Add to that the ridiculous tweet made by Erick Erickson on how abortion supposedly works — not to mention his offensive post that started it all (see below) — and you’ve got a smörgåsbord of stupid.

Shameful words from Eric Erickson.
Eric Erickson’s offensive statement about coathangers — and subsequent fauxpology — was met with a collective *headdesk* from everyone who knows better, including Cosmo.

It’s surprising that a magazine tasked with reaching a broad audience is choosing to weigh in so blatantly with actual political commentary. But given the inane articles it’s normally associated with, we are delighted to see Cosmo providing coverage on women’s healthcare access. By using its wide reach for good rather than evil, Cosmo is effectively showing that protecting women’s reproductive rights is not a fringe issue.

Helen Gurley Brown would approve.


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